108 Kit Carson Rd. Suite H
Taos, NM 87571

Tel. 575-776-7286
E.  tulsianne_rose@yahoo.com

“ Art As Tao(s). Lucid is a Transformative Art Space that supports expansion of the intuitive nature and consciousness through massage, Quantum Communion Energy Work, intrinsic Movement and various Workshops.

As a Tribute to my mother, Sculptress Janice Trimpe, one week after her passing, I purchased a place for her sculptures and for the creation of Lucid: A Transformative Art Space. It includes a gallery, Face Painting studio, a massage room and a small intimate space for intrinsic movement. It is also a venue for other healing and self discovery workshops that Tulsi and others offer.
My journey of self healing has always involved art, whether that was writing down to the bones, dancing my dream, painting my  passion or sculpting my inner self. The gift that my mother left me, in being a prolific artist, former healer and Forensic Psychic, was the gift of encouraging me to follow my intuition and to be Self Empowered through the joy of art and a spiritual lifestyle.

"The artist only thrives when connected with authentic self. Art dreams ourselves and our visions into reality."

One comes to Lucid to be nurtured through massage and energy modalities, to find one's voice, realize one's dream, connect with the innate self, or to just play; Free of societal forms and dogmas. My dream is that each person who experiences at Lucid, develops a closer relationship to their intuitive self and that which brings them peace and joy. That each person will leave with the confidence to live the life they have always envisioned.

"May you walk to the beat of your own drummer"
Henry David Thoreau

Loving Regards,
Tulsi Anne Rose
AKA Aimee Jo Trimpe